Microsin's Services

Synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients

Microsin has extensive experience in the research and development of pharmaceutical active ingredients and chemical reagents.

Microsin has its own research department and co-operates with other research departments within the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the Organics Chemistry Center, with the aim of developing new synthesis processes for chemical compounds, in a short period of time. For some of these synthesis processes, the company has patents.

Consequently, even if we do not have certain products on our list, we can implement at the shortest time a synthesis process for all the active ingredients you require.

Contract manufacturing

At Microsin, your work method can be rapidly implemented; the first step is to sign a confidentiality agreement. The company has signed several confidentiality agreements, thus complying with our client’s technology.

Refine and blend products

During our existence we have supported numerous business partners in purifying products originating in China and India. During our 25 years of experience, we have purified more than 500 tons of pharmaceutical active ingredients.

We purify products such as: Piracetam, Vitamin B6, Glibenclamide, Nimesulide, Propranolol HCl, Nicotinic acid, Paracetamol, Rutin, Allopurinol, Metoprolol Tartrate, Aspartic acid, etc.

Another service our company offers is the last-stage purification of substances, were we take into consideration the synthesis process used by the producer and build the ASMF.

ASMF build-up

Our quality assurance department has a vast experience in elaborating ASMFs. We have ASMFs for all our products and we have elaborated such documents for our clients.

We would like to mention the fact that the ASMF for Metoprolol tartrate has over 2000 pages, while for Piracetam it has over 1000 pages. Thus, we would like to assure you that we have the capability to issue complete documentation which will be accepted by evaluators.


Even though it is not our main focus, by having over 20 years of experience in the field of chemical compounds synthesis, we have permanently maintained excellent business relations with raw materials providers, intermediaries and API suppliers. For every product, we have a minimum of 2 or 3 available suppliers, so that we can select the most appropriate solutions, both from a quality and a cost point of view. In this way, we can support you, as consultants and intermediaries, in buying all the substances you require.